HTC 8X Gets Both 8GB and 16GB Versions

HTC 8XAccording to the latest news that has been collected, it has been found that HTC is going to introduce HTC 8X handset, which is said to be the first ever device to run on windows phone operating system. It may be introducing both 8GB and 16GB of memory version, to ensure the maximum space for choosing your desired handset.

As per the report, it has been sourced that the 8GB edition would be coming to light in the training session and it is only announced to be available in 8X device by the company. The excellent possibility to have the deepest version of storage size would be of two variant, the lowest memory capacity will cost low prices and the vice versa. No matter how true the statement would be but to capture the market ruling competitors, HTC has to come up will definite terms in it upcoming mobile phone.

Unlike other widget of different brands, HTC has also proved the chosen attribute of both the gadget in similar perfection. According to the latest news that has been collected, one can find out better customer choice in this field. The news also reads that the actual price of the said smartphone has not yet been disclosed but one can expect that it would be in an around the budget of the buyer.

If it is found to be selective in different terms and is to take long time, then you can also choose for excellent and highly potential HTC One V. The widget is best in its kind and has terrible long option to make it the desirable unit of yours.

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