Google Maps Vs Apple’s Own Maps App Smack Down for Lead

Apple Map vs Google MapGoogle has finally taken lid off the much anticipated and hyped Maps App for Apple’s hottest mobile platform iOS. Most interestingly, within just 48 hours of its arrival in the App store, the application has received tremendous success by accomplishing 10 million downloads. It obviously marks this app as the most liked

one among the iDevice users but you must be willing to discover those features that make it distinct from its counterpart Apple Maps app.

Find out those features to know what makes both of them quite different from each other:

Accuracy and Speed

Do you remember why the Apple’s most anticipated sixth generation iPhone 5 was criticized? Let me tell you that the credit for the criticism entirely goes to the pack of inaccuracies found in the iOS maps app. This app has failed badly when it came to searching and locating places like businesses, pubs, shops etc. With Apple, it is very difficult to find out a particular business on the accurate place and the chances are only 50 percent but with Google, it becomes 100 percent.

User Interface

Do not get it confused with the one provided by mobile platforms but in a complete reversal of how things are need to be done, Google interface is far much better than the Apple. Altogether, it is much pleasant to look and the elegancy stands skin deep. As soon as you start typing a place, the auto complete kicks in with excellent results While with Apple the case is different and it even does not know if the place exists or not.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

When it comes to turn-by-turn navigation, Apple does not stand even close to Google. Despite of the truth that iOS maps uses voice control through Siri, Google maps is more polished and useful. Google Maps provides you several route options and can vigorously reroute if you decide to take a route other than what it proposes. While Apple Maps uses a my-way-or-the-highway approach. It delivers no route alternatives and no dynamic rerouting.

Altogether, Google Maps undoubtedly stands superior than the Apple maps map but the two shortcomings that may distract you is the inability to set as default app and no access to Siri voice. However both these limitations relies completely on Apple and other than these Google maps app is much advanced than iOS maps app usually by a wide margin.

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