Track Santa Online From NORAD

Track Santa NorodAs you all know that always the children’s wondered how Santa Claus delivers so many presents for us and they all thought one day definitely get all the answers of their questions.

Since so many years the North American Aerospace Defence Command NORAD has already using the technology that helps to the peoples to update with all movement of Santa.

As well with in last few years this tech users being access on

their smartphones too. The NORAD team is work with the Google Maps that helps to deliver all the data to their users.

But if you see this year scenario you may grab they started work with Microsoft’s Bing Maps Service. We already mention above those who are carried Window Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. All those peoples grab the opportunity to track Santa Claus online.

This interesting feature is too serious business for the NORAD which puts its world class radar and satellite technology that helps to locate the Santa position and track their flight.

If you see the last year records then you found the centre received 102,000 calls, 7,721 emails and also visit more than 20 million visits on their websites in over 220 countries.

Users already know that NORAD is now teamed with Bing but this not stopped working with Google that render their fans the interesting website

Through this way you may even send the personal message as well there is an Android app available that you can comfortably download from Google Play Store. .

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