Samsung Domination Over UK Mobile Market Continues

SamsungAccording to the figures calculated by researching the United Kingdom’s mobile market share, Samsung supremacy is continuing. It is incessantly ruling the UK mobile phone charts in the run up to Christmas by

holding the top three places in the list of top ten popular smart phones of the country.

Without any doubt, the South Korea based phone maker’s best-selling Android flagship Samsung Galaxy SIII holds the peak of the top ten list by becoming the most popular and demanding handset since eight months of its arrival in the mobile arena. Furthermore, the second position is occupied by the precursor of this ever-popular handset that is Galaxy S2 persuaded by Samsung Galaxy Ace at the third place.

The trio of South Korean Giant’s stunning handsets is followed by another popular Android flagship known as LG Nexus 4 that is the hottest gadget introduced by Google in the month of November last year. Surprisingly, the world most reputable phone manufacturing company Apple’s gadgets hold the fifth and sixth lace successively with iPhone 4S trailed by iPhone 5 on sixth place.

The seventh place however is occupied by the Nokia’s Windows mobile phone Lumia 800. Although the unexpectedly new inclusions in the Top Ten list is the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini at eight place which is further followed by the Galaxy Note II at the ninth position and Galaxy Ace 2 at tenth place respectively.

Clearly, it indicates that most of the places were acquired by Samsung’s flagships while Apple remains constricted at two positions only with one position each for Nokia and LG.

Meanwhile in 2013, the scenario can be changed with BlackBerry planning to return with its BB 10 Touchscreen handsets and the freshly released Nokia Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia series handsets will take the company reputation to a higher level. Let us see if these new upcoming models will do a transformation in the Top 10 list in 2013 or not.

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