Google Maps VS Apple Maps Smack Down Wrestle For Excellence

Google Map vs Apple MapDo you think that decision of Apple for removing the Google Maps app from its hottest iOS prove beneficial for the company? If we read the reviews of the owners of the latest iPhone

5 and iPad Mini that comes pre-loaded with Apple own maps app, it indicates a completely different view.

No body loves to stray here and there owing to the inaccuracies in the directions given by their smart phones but this is what happened with the owners of Apple gadgets when Apple experiment with its own Maps service. The decision taken by Apple to introduce its own Maps app cannot be interpreted as a complete failure but excellence of Google Maps can be judged by its performance on the Galaxy series handsets of Samsung. The iOS Maps App was criticized due to the imprecision associated with it. The result is that Google has to gain release its iOS version of Google Maps to satisfy the customers.

Let us see which of the two apps really has the power to wrestle the Smack Down for lead to emerge as a true winner:

Getting there is Easy

The scenario of fight for the best between these two apps may seem to be bit complicated as both have somewhat same layout. Both of them offer driving directions in two ways either as a flat of instructions or as a real-time satellite navigation. Being minimalist in design the Google turn-by-turn navigation is pretty easier to understand. On the other than Google Maps has public transit that display nearby transit lines as well as map out directions for you while the iOS Maps lacks this feature.

Searching is Easier and Accurate

It is true that Google is a giant in internet search and it has more data collected in the past years. Hence, its Maps service is more reliable than the maps service of Apple if you are looking for either a specific address or name of a location. While Google fetches the precise destination instantly, on the other hand Apple comes up with the suggested term that may lead to confusions at times.


You might feel that iOS maps is slightly faster than Google maps but the speed difference is annulled by the Google’s location aware searching and superior auto complete.

Although both these apps are excellent navigating tools but when it comes to precision and accuracy, the iOS maps stands nowhere near to the Google maps app.

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