Nokia Might Switch Towards Android In Future

NokiaThe New Year has already arrived and many resolutions have been taken by most of us to follow in this New Year. From many years, Nokia is facing severe downfall in its market share in spite of innovating exceptional Windows Phone devices. It has tried every fundamental to gain popularity amidst the Android and iOS dominated smart phone industry but remain unsuccessful since long.

Do you think why both these platforms are ruling the mobile arena? The answer lies in their versatility in app offerings. Owing to that, whether it is iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII all of them are standing above the Nokia’s products in terms of sales record.

Windows mobile platform stand nowhere in front of these two potent software updates in terms of applications and features. Then also, Nokia has never planned to jump to Android platform in near


However, with the entry of 2013, it seems that Nokia is also planning to make some resolutions to compete with the tough rivals. In his interview given to the Spanish Newspaper El Pais, the Finnish Phone Maker’ boss Stephen Elop has conversed the war existing between the Android phones, Windows Phone and other mobile platforms.

He also stated that at present the company is content and engaged with the Microsoft but any rotation is quite possible in the near future for the sake of the Company’s profit. It clearly indicates that Nokia has no plans to rule out Android and it might switch to the Android platform if required in imminent days.

The Finnish handset maker has stated at CES 2013 that Windows Phone 8 has sold nearly five times more smart phones this Christmas as compared to the last year. The entire credit was given to the freshly introduced Lumia 920 that was successful in appealing mass attention towards itself.

What is your opinion about Nokia? Do you consider that it should attempt the Android platform or will the Windows Phone 8 gadgets will help in turning its fortunes?

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