Nokia Going High By Window Phone 8 Smartphones

Windows 8 PhoneHe release of too advance Window Phone 8 has just had a positive effect on Nokia, in simpler word you

may also said that it’s boosted with the new OS craft. As per getting the fresh data in last quarter of 2012 the company sold 4.4 million new Lumia series devices.

According to the Nokia the data is calculated very much higher as compare the expectations. There is no doubt that the snatch more as compare to the 2013 data but still is going with very tough time period. After the release of amazing Lumia 920 and dazzling Lumia 820 the company touches this type of impressive milestone.

Recently the company will disclose its some financial details when the last quarter of previous year was posted. When the new OS was come out that margin is among the zero and 2 percent higher as its prediction. Though, the famous brand grabs something really unique and unexpected.

By seeing the interesting sales record we found that period is such a solid one and the CEO of the company is also said on that presently they focused only on the priorities. On that time the main creation is only the Lumia range.

If we take a tour on overall data then we get complete sale counted in Q4 is 6.6 millions among that 4.4 is calculated WP8 and 2.2 is here as Symbian operating system gadgets. Those of you compare these stuffs with the other OS edition handsets then still the company has to do really work hard to touch a record breaker point.

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