Enjoy WebKit on Mobile with Upcoming Opera Ice

Opera IceA leaked official video of Opera explains that the company is re-building its mobile browser using WebKit that is expected to arrive in February to Android and iOS. The new browser has got the name Opera Ice.

The leaked features of Ice reveal that it is going to be the coolest web-Browser ever. It is an attempt of the company to challenge the likes of Google and Apple in mobile-browser.

In the leaked video, the CEO of Opera Lars Boilesen outlined the strategy of company for 2013. Later on the managers demoed the Ice. Earlier the Opera Browsers used Presto platform to run that has been replaced in its new version by the WebKit.

WebKit is the leading platform that currently has 40 percent of the browser market share. It powers the Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers. It allows the said platforms to render pages faster and give output quickly.

It literally offers button less and menu less web browsing, it will offer pure visual and touch experience to its users. So with this enabled in your Samsung Galaxy S3 you can browse web with exceptional speed and with ultimate convenience as you will not get

stuck in complex menus and keys.

The Ice will use icon arrangements similar to its previously characterized speed dial screen that might even resembles to the homescreen of Apple iPhone 5 in which users can conveniently place their favourite icons.

It comes with an address bar in which you can place your search query or can suitably enter any URL. It is clear in the video that Ice is designed specifically for Tablets and Smartphones. An update in desktop Opera is expected to follow up in March.

Opera has been tremendously successful in mobile phones, I am sure it will be more exciting to interact with the new platform.

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