Apple Comes With Great Profit Records In Q1 Of 2013

Apple Profit ChartRecently Apple announced its financial reports of its first fiscal quarter of 2013; and the recent report showed it achieved the quarterly revenue with 54.5 billion dollars and also record its quarterly net profit 13.1 billion dollars or 13.81. On this CEO of the company said they are too much confident about their products and now they just focus to all innovations and making the world class droids for their fans.

Also some sources said more that one billion iOS devices sold and that’s just the amazing data. If you take your look towards the iPhones sales record you get the company shipped 47.8 million smartphones that also included the 2012 September released iPhone 5 and this data counted as worldwide. Year by year the sales data is increased with 29 percent.

Now time cheap viagra pills to place our next step on iPad that 22.86 shipped worldwide during the quarter that’s going up from 15.4 millions and this data is 48 percent increased as we compare it to past year.

According to Time Cook they could not create sufficient iPad mini to command balance. Apart from these the other widgets of this classy firm also achieved great goals. Apple iPod is one of the too popular devices that gadget lovers love to hold it in their hands.

If we talk about the first fiscal sale of the is reported as 12.68 millions but it’s comes down with 15.4 million. This luxurious music player generated 2.14 billion and the main reason behind it the great popularity of the smartphones that allows you to enjoy all favorite songs videos movies and many more stuffs. After getting this type of impressive data now we all looking forward its future achievements that will also too incredible in their way.

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