Facebook Updated iOS App With Voice And Video Messaging

Facebook iOS AppRecently the Facebook is universally released its iOS application only for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and other amazing gadgets of this firm. By the help of new service users are able to send video and voice messages to any of their loved ones.

There is no doubt that after the up gradation of this feature users found in plus icon that you see on left side of your handset screen. Now it’ expand with the new options for writing on wall post or send messages to anyone.

If you want to send voice message then you just tap on the microphone icon and then just record your voice

and directly send it to your friend. As we already mention that Apple is the only form who up grade its facebook app.

That means those who carry last year one of popular creation iPhone 5 comfortably accsess which comes with iOS 6 version software that now upgraded into iOS6.1 operating system. Surely you all familiar with the process of posting images through your smartphone and tablets and for video messages the process are totally similar.

Apart from these the much improved application goes beyond the texting which is really helpful to offers the accurate location service. By the help of this users very easily check their near by places exactly.

Though previously you all are able to send only short messages with your facebook messenger and that feature is now here for normal facebook application. As you all know that Facebook is an official line referred to service that has replicate core functionality that you already grab in Twitters vine video application.

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