Probably Galaxy S4 Is Still Hidden In MWC Event

Samsung Galaxy SIVThe top popular South Korean firm will be holding off any big announcements at upcoming grand event that named Mobile World Congress which happen too soon. But the main desire of this company is to spotlight the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 in it.

Undoubtedly you all remembered that event when high end featured Galaxy SIII was land in market that’s simply the unforgettable event. Always Samsung wants to hold its separate event to disclose their masterpieces.

This move is happen in the continuation form for this popular company and also it really helpful for increase the popularity of all upcoming gadgets. If any brand organizes a solo event where only one handset announced then it easily grab the full attention to huge crowd.

Over the previous year several companies like Microsoft, Samsung and other popular firms dramatically reduced their presence in any grand tech shows. As you all know that recently Blackberry has just launched its new OS furnished gadgets in a solo event.

There is no distrust behind it the famous South Korean company has terribly fast process its establishing the goodwill of S range handsets. If you go in past then you found the S3 and second generation hybrid Galaxy Note 2 that both are grab stands on unbelievable sales record mile stones.

In smartphone market the biggest rival of the company is Apple that recently snatch the crown of unbeatable sales record for this buy viagra you have to be grateful to 2012 September released iPhone 5. Apart from all now we just looking forward to see the first look of new generation Korean handset namely as Galaxy S4.

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