Samsung Excels UK Mobile Market In January

SamsungIt is big time for Samsung as its unique creations are taking its success records to an all-new level of competence that is quite difficult for its rivals to follow. Following sequence generic cialis of successes in 2012 in the form of Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note II, the luck again goes in favor of Korean Giant as the company has received excellent results in 2013.

After holding the crown of the UK’s most popular smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has again topped the January top ten list with many of its popular siblings holding following positions concurrently. Going down the list, Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy SII occupies the second and third position correspondingly. Following the success path of Korean Phone Maker, Nokia becomes the second leader with its four smart phones included in the top ten listing.

The best-selling Nokia 100 and C2-01 remains in the top five while the Lumia 800 and Lumia 610 takes on the eight and ninth place likewise. Apple occupied the final spots with its 16GB iPhone 5 at seventh position and iPhone 4S in tenth position.

If we check the popularity list published for the month of December 2012 that looks similar to a Santa wish list, it completely different in January since UK’s loyalty towards Samsung remains untouched with customer’s interest continuously changing towards other brands like Apple and Nokia. However, with the release of the BlackBerry revamped Z10 handset might disrupt the affordable end of spectrum that could bring some important changes in coming days.

For the time now, we must wait for some more important announcements that are impending for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013.

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