Points To Know Before Switching From iPhone To Blackberry 10

After the release of BB10 software you might plan to jump from iPhone to the touch screen Blackberry Phone. If you put these two astonishing crafts side by side, you find that they look no different from each other. Not just the looks, both the devices are very much similar in software point of view as well.

BB 10 , iphoneTake a Deeper Look before you make a decision

As we have already mentioned before, iOS and Blackberry share several similarities, if you access the Gmail, Yahoo and any other account on iClouds then you can conveniently set your mail accounts on Blackberry 10 smartphones.

Users can comfortably set their previous iCloud email on BB through IMAP, your contacts and calendars may not to be simpler. Ultimately all you need to do is switching from iCloud to another service in order to access your personal data.

Though users know that iOS has iTunes App Store and BB has Blackberry World. Both of these provides with huge selection of games, apps, music, movies and many creative stuffs.

The recently released Blackberry 10 is integrated to all the social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Watsapp. Apart from these users are able to play all popular games on the device that include Angry Birds and star wars etc. Also you get Drop box storage with the device, Evernote integration but if you want to see an official app then you have to wait few more days.

Those who are media hungry persons, BB have got new features to satisfy them by allowing them to render numerous movies and music through the device. There is no pop up notification and no more themes for customization you might grab in the classy member of Apple family.

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