O2 Tracks Fetches Top 40 UK Singles Directly To Smartphones

O2 has recently launched an innovative music app known as O2 tracks for delivering the leading singles to your mobile phone. This new app will offer up to top 40 singles of UK directly to your smart phone and if you are an O2 customer then you can use the two weeks trial before paying £1 per week.

O2 TracklistThe app will be available for users of both Android and iOS devices with versions for Windows phone and BlackBerry coming soon. Even if you are not O2 customers then also you can use the two weeks trial before making a monthly fee of £4.99. This new tracks service will offer users chart tracks along with a changing selection of play lists.

According to the information furnished about this app, it will work by automatically downloading chart updates via Wi-Fi connectivity and then will store the tracks on the user’s mobile phone. The songs available with this app will be updated on weekly basis with new entrants restoring the old tracks from the top 40 UK’s singles chart. However if a customer wants to buy a track permanently for its mobile device, he or she can do it directly from the app.

As per the news given by the consumer and marketing director of O2, the newly launched O2 tracks are available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store and the app will allow users to access the popular music directly on their phones. O2 has efficiently developed a heritage with music for delivering exclusive experiences.

Besides the top 40 chart, O2 Tracks also gives daily entertainment news, celebrity gossip and a Scott Mills application cast, along with O2 play lists and Just In. All these play lists are updated on daily basis for reflecting the newest music news.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of this new app, download it on your iOS or Android smart phone immediately from the concerned App Store.

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