Android & iOS Jointly Accounts for 91% of Q4 Shipment

According to the latest data released by International Data Corporation IDC, iOS and Android together accounts for 91.1 percent of total shipment in last year’s closing quarter. However, the share of Android is much impressive with 70 percent of total smartphone shipped in Q4 whereas iOS models accounts for 21 percent.

iOS and Android ShareBlackBerry, Windows Phone, Linux and other operating systems accounted for the rest of 8.9 percent shipment in Q4.

Overall, the number of smartphones shipped topped to 227.8 million in the said quarter which is a significant jump from 2011’s fourth quarter shipment of 160.8 million units. Smartphones are taking over the entire mobile market and Samsung is a big player in the scenario with 42 per cent of market share.

talking about the future prospects, Ryan Reith, Programme Manager with IDC said that the arrival of BlackBerry 1o and two new handsets running on the platform would definitely help BB to gain a stronghold of market. He added that unquestionably Microsoft and BlackBerry are the minorities and they have a long way to go in order to be in the main league.

In brief, the report states that in Q4 2012, 159.8 million units of Android devices, 47.8 million iOS gadgets, 7.4 Million BB phones, 6 million Windows Phone and 6.8 million units of devices running on Linux & other operating systems were shipped.

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