BBC Updated iPlayer App For iOS With Airplay Support

BBC iPlayer is available for both the android as well as iOS users. The iOS users have always got better deals with additional features like the ability to download shows to their iPhone’s and iPad’s for offline viewing.

BBC iPlayer AppWhile the android users were still waiting for these regular features in their iPlayer, the BBC has again provided iOS users with an advantage by updating iPlayer to Airplay support and many more. This latest update from BBC has again widened the gap between the applications available with both the android and iOS devices.

With the new Airplay support, iOS users can start streaming a program via Apple TV to their home TV using their mobile phones. The users can then send this application to background and continue working on their device. The show will continue to play on your TV while you are playing games or texting away on your phone. The streaming of programmes is available for those only who are updated to iOS 5 or above.

The other updates include an improved video playback, bug fixes to program download making them more reliable, and many other improvements. This support also brings to the users BBC radio in this application.

The users of iPlayer application can view or listen to the content of the previous 7 days over 3G network or Wi-Fi. They are also provided with favorite feature that allows them to stack new episodes of their favorite shows automatically.

A free download of BBC iPlayer for iOS can be easily downloaded form iTunes.

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