Microsoft Preparing to Avoid Snares of Sony’s PS4 Declaration

Microsoft’s is preparing well for launching the next successor of Xbox 360 and is putting every possible effort to avoid lukewarm reception of its upcoming game console. Meanwhile Sony is also readying to come up with the next generation gaming console PlayStation 4 and Microsoft is trying to learn a lot from the Japan based Electronics firm to make its upcoming debut a great success.

PS4,XboxAccording to latest news, Microsoft is planning to strike back with an event of its own that could be scheduled possibly before company’ E3 2013 press conference that will held very soon. Both the heir of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will arrive in the gadget world but the technical specifications of both these upcoming gaming consoles is not clear yet.

Recently Sony has thrown PS4 coming out party to give the first exposure of the future PlayStation to the game lovers. The party was organized on Wednesday night and was attended by press from across the globe and all the money and time spent to attend the event was more than just taking look at a series of trailers of the imminent PlayStation.

The technical specifications and numbers of both the imminent gaming consoles are fine but they actually mean nothing for the gamers while developers knew about those specs from long time since they are working on it for long time. Actually, if Microsoft really wants to take the lead then it must have to come up with a killer app for its impending gaming console to make it successful in the global market.

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