Latest Protective Case Launched For Nokia Lumia 620

Protective Case

If you are looking to make your all-new Nokia Lumia 620 not only stylish and elegant by design but also want it to protect against several knocks and downs then you have good news. The Finnish Firm, Nokia has recently launched protective shell for this new smartphone to protect against any type of environmental conditions.

The hottest protective shell is not like the old pouch to keep your phone in it neither it looks like the typical clip-on case but the latest shell protects your phone by replacing the back cover.

While launching the shielding shell, the Lumia Product Manager of Nokia has also mentioned that the new case is designed by keeping in mind the elegant build of Lumia 620 thus maintaining the perfect shape and design that could fit comfortably in your hand.

The new shell is IP54 certified to enhance protection against splashes of water and dust. Moreover, the gaps present between the shell and the camera window along with the display are better protected. In addition, the mesh that protects the loudspeaker is denser to prevent dust and water to get in.

This protective shell is also cast with a dual shot method while the interior shell is made using polycarbonate that is quite tough and the exterior is created of TPSiV to provide flexibility.

The latest protective shell is available in grey exterior and yellow interior and it will be obtainable from market at the end of this month.

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