Blackberry 10 Platform Gets Blackberry Travel App

Blackberry Travel which is a mush have app for travelers is now available for the users of BB 10 devices. This application will make the life of Blackberry users much easier when on the go. With BB Travel app, they can plan, book, manage and even share their travel arrangements with their friends, family, colleagues and also on social networking sites while on the go.

Blackberry Travel AppIt includes various features for making travel simple for its users such as Automatic Trip Scanning, Itinerary management, Travel notification with Blackberry Hub, booking of hotel and car on rent, searching flights, social sharing and time saving tools. Thus, with the addition of this application the company has made blackberry app world remarkable for the users of BB 10 devices.

Features provided by Blackberry Travel include:

• Trip Status Sharing - This feature makes it easy to post the updates of your trip on BBM, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter thus keeping your friends updated on your travel adventures.

• Flight Status Sharing - It will keep you up to date with the real time status of flights and allows sharing this status with your friends, colleagues and social networking sites. This will be helpful in case your flight is delayed, changed terminals or cancelled. With this feature, you will be able to keep your friends and colleagues updated on this information so that they know when and from where to pick you.

• Price Alerts, Change Offers and Upgrades - This feature ensures that you will always get the best hotel deal which will keep your mind at ease. It will notify if a better price is offered by a hotel room booking or if there’s a much better hotel available at the same price offering slightly more. If you are using this app for the first time, your registration form will be filled automatically by Blackberry ID.

• Blackberry ID - This will automatically fill in the form for you when you login for the first time. Thus, you will not be required to login and can access the features instantly after launching the app.

You can easily download Blackberry Travel App from Blackberry World Storefront.

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