How To Make Best Use Of Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery

Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 has remained on top of the charts of android devices. Many high end devices today suffer from poor battery life. A general smartphone can give a battery back up of up to 7 hours to 8 hours whether you consider talk time or using it in gaming mode.The business class today requires much battery usage in comparison to this. You can get much improved battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S3 in the following manner:

Turn off Email Synchronization: Turn off Synchronization in order to make best use of your phones battery. Email synchronization will use more battery as you will check your mailbox repeatedly at certain intervals. Thus, turning it off will leave more battery for you.

Keep Your Phone Charged: Never leave your handset out of battery as it can have adverse effect on the battery.

Enable Power Saving Option: Tap on the touch screen to enable power saving option. This will change the background colors on your device, will limit the speed of processor and will lower down the power usage of screen.

Use Dark Colors: Pick a dark color wallpaper for your phone as this will be a great battery saver. Also, don’t go for wallpapers that are running live.

Use Auto Brightness Level: Turn down the brightness level of your phone to save battery.

Turn off mobile phone hotspot, 3G, GPRS as they consume more energy. uninstalling the apps that are not currently in use can also save some battery for you.

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