EE Officially Partners with Glastonbury Festival 2013

Are you planning to take your 4G handset such as Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 to the Glastonbury festival 2013.

EE is the largest mobile network and 4G provider in UK. Recently, during a press release it made an announcement that it will become the official communications and technology partner of Glastonbury festival 2013.

The Glastonbury festival this year will be featuring debut performance from Rolling Stones on the pyramid stage that people were waiting from long time. Rolling stones will be performing topping over thousands of performers from all around the world and across the spectrum of performing arts.

Reports suggest that the event will be taking place from 26th June to 30th June, 2013. It has been reported that EE is expected to work on a number of initiatives which will utilize its technological and mobile expertise in order to enhance the overall experience of the Glastonbury festival.

The initiatives on the part of EE include: installation of the first ever 4G network at the UK festival, providing users with an opportunity to access super fast 4G speeds, making it an important Tweet to stay in touch and send data, providing with a faster video and status update.

It is suggested that EE will be increasing its 3G and 2G network capacity in order to make it easier for the users to stay connected at the Glastonbury festival. The event is scheduled to go live in June and will include tools for scheduling performance, GPS and interactive enabled mapping, direct updates officially from Glastonbury, artist information, plug ins for social network and continuously updated content from both on/off users.

EE will be providing charging points raging to hundred in numbers to the different kinds of devices that will be brought by people to the festival. There will also be retro spaces for all those folks who will bring older devices. With EE’s 4G network, all the visitors of the tent will be able to connect their phones to the Wi-FI networks provided by the operator.

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