Twitter Updated its WP8 Applications Aiming New Number of Feature

The Windows Phone 8 supportive applications are now updated by Twitter, which will support different new features from the initial time. The new attribute would also aim for bringing up artistic filters, lens application and at the same time the ability to play the Vine clip within the tweet services.

Windows Phone 8As per the latest report, the social networking site has added up with the basic editing as well as vintage filter to the same Android and iOS applications. The combating instagram user base has been sourced to have the revamped Flickr on iOS application to a great extend. In the same concept the Vine Video creator application that has recently received by the Android software platform, which will officially allow the users to take 6 sec video coverage with ease.

In the same news of the Twitter updating its Windows Phone 8 app has included the mentioned Vine Video Creator App that would ultimately bring up easiest means for creating smallest time consuming videos. The photo filter option supplied by Aviary’s photo-editing SDK, would strongly bring up the better mode of improvement with the tweet composition.

The aforementioned support for photo filter would also bring up the big improvement in its own performance that would deliver the different features as well. The report has also been explained on the official post of Windows Phone blog that stated about the support of adding multiple filters for different functionality.

The refreshing list about the Windows Phone 8 application will support the latest handset namely Nokia Lumia 920 that would include the lens app integration, improvement in the photo filter support, easy tapping of the pull shot of the camera roll and many more. There would also be different bug fixes and bunch goodies on official Twitter app. As the update is done, you can easily grab it from Windows Phone store.

So go for it, before the stock goes nil!

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