CalDAV and CardDAV Enabled for Windows Phone 8 Device

Microsoft and Google has spatter up the recent announcement for the CaIDav and CardDAV that has enabled the exchange support of ActiveSync. The report has also explained that Gmail as well as the Google Calendar for free users that would have open source support project.

Windows Phone 8The Microsoft’s preparatory option has marked the promise to add the support of different open standards that would need the perfection for building up the better operation. To have the same support, Google has extended the support until July, 31st this session that is the extreme limit of the said context of the projection.

The final count for the CardDAV and CalDAV support has been duly exhibited as a demo on video, which will explain the perfection of the said context. The device that has been shown in the video is a Nokia Lumia 925 metal bonded Windows Phone8 handset. The device has been shown running on the newest and the latest WP8 update software that is labelled under the GDR 2.

According to the latest news of the same source, it has been studied that CardDAV and CalDAV support would only work on the Google accounts and not in any other platform. In addition to this it is also explained that Nokia Lumia 925 mobile phone is also counted to have best run on Ultrafast 3G Service, to have the best browsing experience.

It is also read that there is still much time for the Microsoft in order to open up the standards of the said concept to other services even before the update that is set to be released this summer.

Source : wmpoweruser

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