Nokia EOS Gets Official Confirmation of 41 Megapixels Camera

The long burning fire about the 41 megapixels camera has now been confirmed by the Nokia itself. It was the initial rumour that Nokia EOS may bring 41MP camera after the Symbian Nokia 808 PureView and thus has come true. The pureview brand has counted up with major part of operational feature that would bring up the excellent presentation of operational skill.

Nokia EOSIn the same line up of the pureview technology, Nokia Lumia 920 has also been projected with OIS lens that also carries the PV brand in it but it did not have 41MP monster in it. To make the rumour come true, Nokia has recently posted a teaser for its July 11 event in New York. The event would bring the exhibition of the 41 million reasons to follow the pureview technology.

According to latest report, it is also explained that 41 million also explains that same series of number counting the sensors, which would be added up in the part of Windows phone 8 newly supporting device. The said mysterious Nokia EOS device has finally leaned up the selection of resolution in sensor that would march the remaining mode of operation.

The addition of 41MP sensor would undoubtedly bring up the basic platform in terms of operation, which the WP8 gadget can bring up to. The upcoming model would also have the support of the high resolution sensors either for Microsoft that would march the deliver of the update with Nokia device.The date has been scheduled, so stay tuned to see more conversation on the 41 megapixels Nokia EOS device on 11th July, 2013.

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