Confirmed: Samsung Sets Galaxy Note III Releasing Date As 4th September

While the complete gadget world is filled with the extremely spicy rumors released to the upcoming Samsung phablet. But now the confirmation is here that explore the famous South Korean company has officially sent the invitations for an event that scheduled on September 4th. On that place you all get the chance to see forthcoming Galaxy Note III.

samsung unpacked 2013The invitations have been sent to the several press offices that announced the date of the soon happened grand even and the tagline is suggested for it “Note the Date” that gives some clues which disclosed something what we all are expected to see in it.

We have no doubt that the soon unveiled craft will be boosted with too powerful stuffs such as 3GB RAM and many more that make it just adorable from all sides.

As you all know the previous year released Samsung Galaxy Note II and also the first generation craft of this range both were explored in the same occasion. So now we will expect the same thing with Note 3.

Some sources is revealed that imminent Galaxy Note III  to be comes with boosted 5.7 inches Fully HD display and ARM Processor with 1080 points of high resolution that undoubtedly offers incredibly cleared and sharp view of all your data.

So we are getting the confirmation that third gen phablet of this company will explored in front of all at the grand trade show IFA that will be happened in Berlin. On the other side you also see the firm few months ago launch its flagship Galaxy S4 that comes with boosted number of high end features which allots you amazing experience.

One side you see phablet size masterpiece is completely ready to disclose at the event and other side you see the organization making plan to show its Smart Watch that become popular as Samsung Gear at the same time.

Source : Mashable

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