Leaked Image Claim Samsung Galaxy S4 Whopping With Tizen 3.0

The South Korean smartphone organization that named Samsung may not be serious about it’s own operating system but still you found they work on it. Now according to this fresh image we are able to say Galaxy S4 is boosted with Tizen 3.0 version OS.

Tizen 3.0As we already mentioned above this is the Samsung’s own range of software and it’s a great mash up among Android, iOS 7 and Windows phone operating system.

When you see this freshly revealed image then you able to say its colors are look same as iOS 7 software that very soon you found on iPhone and iPad. Beside it the square type of boxes are look as similar that users are already grab on WP loaded giants.

The new image is out via several sources such as Tizen Indonesia and UnwiredView where you able to take a look on Galaxy S4 roll out with Tizen 3.0.

As you know Android OS versions change the whole scenario of the smartphone market rescue of this the Samsung Galaxy range smartphone and tablets are able to touch the peak of success.

We already know the Tizen is still on the development process but very soon you all get the chance to grab it publicly.

Now we all just look forward to see the updates that help you to know about its actual launch date. According to the report the company makes promise to their fans that’s foist Tizen loaded giant is can’t able to until the next year.

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