Court Suspends the UK Injunction against HTC

HTC felt relaxed when the Court Of Appeal ruled to grant a stay on the injunction which was won by Nokia against HTC devices in the UK. We saw Nokia filing a lawsuit against the Taiwanese firm over the alleged patent infringement in October. This lawsuit disabled HTC from selling its devices from One family in the UK region.

HTC however said that the technology it was using in its One devices is a part of Qualcomm which must be described as a contract between Nokia and Qualcomm and the mobile maker must be kept out of it. But it did not happen and it was deceased from selling its handsets in the UK.

The current ruling reveals that the Taiwanese giant can now continue selling its phones such as the HTC One, One Mini and HTC One Max. They have posted a statement on their UK site saying that the company is delighted that the Court of Appeal gave them a Christmas gift by granting a stay on the injunction against its products. They will now soon commence the shipment of all their devices in the UK such as the products in the One family of the company.

Similarly, the customers of HTC should also again feel proud and confident in their ability to promote and sell the products from HTC One family. The company also revealed that they are planning to aggressively appeal the decision of Nokia EP 0 998 024 patent and will again in work with our suppliers to find out an alternative for the technology from Qualcomm that they are using.

An expert from IHS said that it happens very rarely that the patent litigation quickly changed for the market. At the time before the completion of full legal process, the mobile maker was into producing newer devices to the market. Earlier also in this case, the justice from high court revealed that HTC was planning to come out with a sequel to One with the HTC One 2 phone which is expected to released most probably by February and March 2014.

The rumors suggest that the handset is codenamed M8 and will come powered with the latest Snapdragon 800 processor with quad core chipset.

Source: CNET

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