Samsung’s Mash Up For A Better Camera And Smartphone

The latest management decision by Samsung is in news for its creative concept. Looks like Samsung is not innovative in the technological field, but is also creative when it comes to the management skill. The concept of better camera with Smartphone features is something that Samsung is not ready to give up. The Korean management has shuffled Smartphone the camera department and Smartphone department personnel to improve their camera functionality and camera quality installed in their Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomThe Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Samsung Galaxy NX was the first step towards the fusion of camera and Smartphone, but did not receive the expected attention. According to the Korea IT News reports, Samsung hopes that this blend between both the departments will give a positive result and will learn from each other to give even better results. Samsung aims at providing market with mirrorless camera with to notch features by 2015 on one hand, and on the other hand it wants to differentiate its Smartphones with the most attractive camera quality and technique in a beautiful design.

The Koreans have done a lot with Smartphones and should be credited for giving most advanced and useful gadgets to the market. They come with all preparations, without any loophole in their homework, be it amazing display screen, user interface or S Pen technology. Next on the list is the camera, as they have seen what wonders Nokia Lumia 1020 has done with its 41 MP camera. It will be interesting to see what this corporate tango gives to the Samsung lovers and technology market.

Source: IT News

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