LG G2 Three Millions Units Sold Out

As we are aware that LG G2 is a newly released high-end Smartphone by LG, the Korean manufacturer. No doubt, the phone is giving a cutting edge competition to the rival brands. It is revealed that three million units of G2 have been sold out globally, if the source is to be believed. There is no gainsaying the fact that magnificent device is liked by many and reached the next milestone of sales record if compared to its previous figures.

Within the one month of its arrival in the market, 1 million units of LG G2 were sold out. As the specifications and features includes high resolution camera, ultra-speed processor comes along with the latest Android OS, the ultra-speed GPU and 5.2 inch display has a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection. As these features are praised by many users thus, in the preceding quarter of the last year, it achieves sales record of 2 million.

Beside this, in the South Korea- native place of the company, 900,000 crafts are said to be sold out of three million units. And it is anticipated that LG G2 in the upcoming months will be sold out in great quantity.

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Source: Phonearena

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