Latest Rumours Regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We all know how the Note 7 disappointed the Samsung fans. Well, now fans are waiting for the Note 8 which is possibly going to serve a great way.

We are expecting a lot of good features in Note 8, including a larger screen, a fingerprint scanner moving to the rear, and a potentially pressure-sensitive screen as well. Well, we still predict that Samsung will make some design changes in its Note 8. Let us have a discussion over the release date and specifications of the Note 8, which are now rumoured.

Rumoured UK release date:

Samsung used to release its Galaxy Note every year at its IFA tradeshow, which takes place in early September. August 2017 is the most possible release date.

Rumoured specifications:

Galaxy Note 8

  • The Note 8 will need to arrive with some awesome specifications so that the disappointed fans can be impressed again.

  • The Note series is well-known for the high-resolution, large screen and their S pen stylus as well. According to the rumours, the Note 8 will get an update and will integrate a new speaker as well.

  • We are expecting the Note 8 to feature a 4K super AMOLED or Quad-HD+ display. In fact, the traditional 5.7-inch screen size of Note series should also be raised to nearly 6.2-inch.

  • The all-new Note series’ flagship will also get a pressure-sensitive display.

  • The Note 8 will probably be waterproof, 8mm thick, and sport a high capacity 3500mAh battery with exclusive quick charging, dual cameras, USB-C support, and quick wireless charging.

  • The Note 8 is going to run Android 7.0 Nougat and it will get an upgrade to Android O within a few months after its launch. All the usual sensors will be same as usual, although the fingerprint scanner is going to move to the rear.

  • We expect the Note 8 to arrive with at least 64GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.


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