Samsung Galaxy S8: Tips & Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is capable of much more than what it gets credit for. Wondering how to get the most out of your device? Here’s the ultimate guide to the best tips and tricks of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Unlock The Galaxy S8 With A Glance

IRIS Scanner The Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts of a fingerprint scanner which would have otherwise been prompted to configure during the setup. But this iris scanner is a comparatively faster way to unlock your phone. All you need to do is Open Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Iris Scanner and then follow the prompts one by one.

Turn Off Bixby Home

Bixby To gain access to the Bixby, all you need to do is a swipe in from the left of the home screen. However, there are times when Bixby pops up too often. You can even instantly turn off the Bixby screen by pinching any empty area on your device’s home screen and swiping to left and toggling off the Bixby home.

Use Multiple Apps Onscreen

Multi Window The Galaxy S8 allows you to work with two applications onscreen at once. You can easily launch the relevant apps on your handset and press the relevant apps on your device. You will even notice that the same icon has been displayed next to the cross at the top right corner of every app card in the menu.

Some of the other tips and tricks which you must keep in mind about Samsung Galaxy S8 include-

  • Alphabetise the App drawer
  • Operate by voice
  • Turn off the notification for all individual apps
  • Remove the app shortcut backgrounds
  • Easy uninstall of several apps all at once
  • Protect private files and applications
  • Lets you stream audio to two Bluetooth speakers at a time
  • Ability to access the notifications with fingerprint scanner
  • Take partial screenshots and record GIFs with Smart Select

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