Step-By-Step Guide on Deleting, Not Archiving, Gmail Messages on iPhone

If you add a Gmail account to your iPad or iPhone, you’ll find that there is no delete option instead of swiping from right to left on a message, hence just an archive. With this option, messages are moved into an Archive folder; however, doesn’t basically get rid of it. Just read on to know how you can fix this issue on your iOS device with 4 easy steps:
Delete Gmail Messages from iPhone

Step-1: Move messages to Trash:

You don’t need to change any setting because you can just move the unwanted messages directly to the Trash. Just click Edit and then select the emails which you don’t want anymore, and then click Move at the screen’s bottom for bringing up a list of your email folders. Simply click Trash and your selected emails will be deleted.

Step-2: Change settings for adding Delete

Your email account can also be forced for displaying the Trash option. Just go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click your Gmail account. Click Account > Advanced to bring up more options. Click Deleted Mailbox under the heading and then Move discarded messages into and finally, you’ll find that the default option is Archive Mailbox. Click Account and then tap ‘Done’ for confirming the changes.

Step-3: Delete emails by Swiping

Simply go back to your Gmail account and view the emails’ list. Then Swipe from right to left on a message and you’ll find that you presently get the Delete option. You can either click this or as a shortcut simply continue swiping to the left for activating Delete. Opening up a message, you can click the Trash can for deleting emails, which replaces the old Archive icon.

Step-4: Delete many emails

If you want to delete lots of messages, then simply go to the Gmail index and click ‘Edit’. Select the unwanted messages and then click Delete button at the screen’s bottom, which has already replaced the previous Archive button. Still, you can use the Move option when you need to archive your messages or for moving them to a separate email folder.


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