The One Plus 5t Review You Can Get Now

The OnePlus 5T is the smartphone that the OnePlus 5 should have been. Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room, we can proceed to a further discussion of the device.

The Same Heart

Under the bonnet, the OnePlus 5 and 5T are identical: the same Snapdragon 835, 6 or 8 GB RAM, and 64 or 128 GB storage capacity. They perform very similarly. For an in-depth discussion of the performance, I would like to refer you to our review of the OnePlus 5.

18:9 Screen

Where are the differences? The first thing you notice immediately is the 6 inch 18: 9 screen. OnePlus said last summer that it could not yet realize the new screen ratio on the OnePlus 5, but for the OnePlus 5T it does draw a present. However, it remains a full HD amoled screen (1.080 x 2.160 pixels).

Face Recognition

OnePlus introduces additional facial recognition as a new authentication method. This technology identifies you based on more than 100 landmarks to unlock the phone. It is not as advanced as Face ID on the iPhone X, but it works. OnePlus warns that a fingerprint is still safer.

Improved Camera

The double camera is a final element that was taken care of by OnePlus. The 16 MP main cameras are the same as on the OnePlus 5, but the telephoto lens was replaced by a 'normal' 20 megapixel camera. Both lenses have a diaphragm of f / 1.7. This must deliver better results, especially in low light conditions, than before.

OnePlus 5T


I already mentioned this in the beginning of this review: in the case of the OnePlus 5T the T stands for 'too late'. This is the smartphone that we actually wanted to see from the company last summer. Anyone who bought the OnePlus 5 at that time can therefore feel a bit bidded for a reason.


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