Top 5 Features to Expect in Future Smartphones

Smartphones are much smarter than the mobile phones and are handy to use. These have become the most common thing today as every person uses them as a means of communication. Earlier phones were used for just calling but now technological advancements have made it possible to use phones for multiple purposes. A smartphone comes loaded with different functionalities like camera, music player, games, calling functions, and many more. Future smartphones will get certain features which will make the phones more powerful than ever before. These features include:

Augmented reality:

Augmented reality provides the users with more information by combining the computer data, so that they can get real life experience of whatever they see. It makes use of the camera of their phone to provide them with all the required information. Augmented reality apps available these days make use of the GPS to provide information to the users.

Flexible Screen:

There might be a time when the users will be able to fix the screen size of their phone according to their needs. Suppose a user wants to play a game or watch a video then they can do both the things by folding or unfolding the screen size of their smartphone. It is expected that this will be made possible with the help of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology.

In-built Projectors:

It might also be possible in future that the users can show movies to their friends or family members by projecting the screen in an appropriate place. This might also replace the TV that is used as a gaming console.

Seamless Voice Control:

Voice control has been there in earlier phones as well but the voice recognition used to be the best one available. In future, it is expected that there will be seamless voice control to take interactivity to next level.

3D screens and holograms:

Many of the smartphones available today have high definition cameras offering sharper resolution than the human eyes but people still demand for good photogenic cameras. Therefore, the companies have started moving their focus from 2D smartphones to 3D smartphones. The next technology in this field will be holographic projections. This will enable you to resize your photographs to whichever size you will like removing out the unnecessary things.

You might have already started imagining what you will do if you get all these features in your handheld smartphone. This is an amazing idea though but still we are not sure that these will come in near future or not. Until then, we will suggest you one of the best smartphones available in the market i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8. You can find the best and cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deals online.


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